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All right, options traders, listen up. I want to tell you a bit about Public.com. But first, have you ever actually thought about all the fees you're paying to trade options? Aside from the regulatory fees, there are commissions, and most platforms charge per contract fees, too.

That's what makes today's sponsor Public. Public doesn't charge commissions or pre contract fees, and in an industry first, they offer a rebate of up to 18 cents per option contract traded. Check it out. If you trade 1,000 option contracts on Public, you'll get up to $180 in rebates. If you trade 10,000 contracts, you could earn almost $2,000.

More importantly, the rebate means you can maximize your profits and and minimize your losses. So to recap, no commissions, no per contract fees, and up to 18 cents on every contract traded. See why NerdWallet recently awarded Public five stars for options trading, and start earning up to 18 cents per contract traded only at Public.com.

Paid for by Public Investing. Options not suitable for all investors and carry significant risk. Full disclosures and podcast description U.S. members only. 

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We’re recording the June mailbag on Tuesday. If you have a question you’d like answered on the podcast, get it to us no later than Tuesday at noon.

Jeff’s Random Words

We’ve mentioned a few times on the podcast that we started a portfolio on Savvy Trader. Because this is a bit of a different direction for us, I wanted to briefly explain why we did this and what it is. 

The podcast is built around asking important and difficult questions about investing. Jason and I want each episode to be a casual conversation about investing where we can ask each other questions, talk about struggles, and celebrate successes. We want and fully expect that the podcast will be free (albeit with the ads) and about these kinds of conversations for as long as we continue to make it (thanks for listening, by the way!)

On the other hand, we do like to talk about stocks. And sometimes on the podcast, we do that. There are a few “stock-heavy” episodes sprinkled throughout our episode history. As we have been thinking about the balance between conversations about investing and also talking about individual stocks, we came across Savvy Trader.

Savvy Trader allows us to build a portfolio and share our buy and sell decisions in real time for subscribers to see. The platform also has features for conversation with subscribers. Each of our initial picks includes a short post that explains the investing thesis as well as what we took from our investing toolbox to help make each decision. Additionally, we posted a video of us discussing and deciding on the first round of stock buys.

Early this week, we’ll be making our May buy, and we’ve already posted a video about it. We plan to buy a stock in the portfolio at least once a month, taking turns but also discussing with each other our thought process. This month was Jason’s pick and we talked through three possibilities before he made his decision. All that discussion is available to subscribers in the form of written posts as well as videos. 

We hope that over time we build a community of Investing Unscripted listeners who engage with us on the platform about our portfolio decisions. We want subscribers to push our thinking and make fun of our mistakes. Hopefully, we all have fun and learn from one another.

The last thing to mention is that we wanted to have a charitable component to this portfolio. Each year, we will donate 10% of all subscription proceeds to charity. If after the first three years we aren’t beating the market, we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds to charity. If we’re losing money after three years, we’ll donate 90%. If we can’t beat the market and make money, we don’t deserve your subscription dollars. 

While we hope you all decide to subscribe, we know this won’t be for everyone. If it does sound interesting to you, you can find the portfolio here.


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