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Jeff’s Random Words

A common theme on the podcast, and in this newsletter, has been us warning against or complaining about the proliferation of investing content that’s available out there both paid and for free. I know that may strike some as a double standard considering we are part of this ecosystem, but I think there’s a distinction to be made. This distinction could be the difference between making and saving a significant amount of money.

Some of this content is great (may I suggest the Investing Unscripted Podcast?) but some of it is either factually incorrect, or deceptive, or the incentives are not to provide a service to others, but to line the creator’s pockets. To be clear, I think you can do both, but it’s a line that has to be walked. 

This past week, you heard an episode of the Chit Chat Stocks podcast in our feed. This was for two reasons. One, I was on vacation last week (when we would have recorded for this week), and two, because we really like Ryan and Brett. They’re smart, thoughtful, and create great content. Most importantly, at least in my mind, they don’t try to convince you to do anything. They spend hours each week researching and talking about stocks but in the end, it’s just informational and not a sales pitch. 

That’s what I wanted to take time today to write about. I would like to shout out to our fellow content creators that I think do things the right way. In no way is this list exhaustive, and to keep this brief, I’ll only be mentioning a few. I’ve already mentioned one above.

For those who want the excitement of a free newsletter that comes out whenever the author gets around to writing, check out the aptly named Fits and Starts by Lou Whiteman. Not only is Lou very knowledgeable about the world of investing, he’s a fantastic writer with a good sense of humor.

If you’re looking for under-covered stocks that some (literally everyone) might call boring, I’d like to recommend Misfit Alpha by Tyler Crowe. This newsletter has a free and a paid tier, but you’re paying for detailed company analysis and not buy or sell recommendations.

Lastly, to turn back to your ears for a moment, check out The JRo Show, by John Rotonti. John loves to interview well-known and successful fund managers to learn what has made them so successful. These in-depth interviews unearth some interesting ways of thinking about investing and peel back the curtain on what can be an opaque part of the investing landscape for most retail investors.

OK, so what did I miss? What investing-related content is out there that you enjoy, paid or free? Let’s pay it forward and celebrate those who are doing it right and trying to help the world invest better.


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