Guest Podcast Episode: Chit Chat Stocks on Stan Druckenmiller

No transcript, but some words about this week's special episode.

Investing Unscripted Guest Podcast Episode!


Thanks for being a loyal reader and listener! Due to some recent time away by Jeff, this week’s podcast is a guest episode from our friends Brett and Ryan of Chit Chat Stocks. We won’t be providing a transcript of their show, but we did want to send you a note about it, and about Chit Chat Stocks.

If you’re not familiar with their show, they go deeper into individual companies and profile successful investors, so it’s a great complement to the content we make at Investing Unscripted. Ryan and Brett both spend most of their professional time deep in company research, and they’re knowledgeable and passionate about it.

And if you’re not familiar with Stanley Druckenmiller, this episode will change that. It’s always great to learn from the best, and Druckenmiller has certainly been one of those.

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Jason and Jeff

P.S. Since Jeff is back from vacation, we will be doing our monthly livestream this Friday! While it will be on the second Friday of the month, it will still take place from 4-5PM ET.


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